Know The Major Causes Of Dental Anxiety

February 7, 2022
Sedation Dentistry

When a patient thinks about a pending dental surgery, he or she feels a slight to moderate sense of dread. Although few people love going to the dentist, some patients are so scared of the experience that they wait until the discomfort becomes unbearable. Research says dental anxiety or phobia is one of the major reasons that stop people from consulting a dentist. Keeping this in mind the best dentists in Coral Gables have come up with the causes of dental anxiety. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Until you know the cause of a problem, it is almost impossible to resolve it. 

The Fear of Going Through Unbearable Pain

Even though most dental procedures are painless, many people suffer from dental anxiety as a result of their fear of pain. Some patients are afraid of dentistry because of a bad dental experience they had as a child, or because of pain and horror stories, they’ve heard from others.

The Fear of Getting Judged or Facing Embarrassment

Some individuals with severely damaged or rotting teeth may be self-conscious about their oral health and hygiene. They could also be self-conscious about their mouth odor. This shame may cause people to be apprehensive about visiting a dentist and discussing the state of their teeth. Luckily, experienced dentists are trained to deal with a wide range of dental health problems and will be able to assist you. As a result, the patient may rest assured that the status of their teeth will not surprise the dentist, and they will have nothing to be ashamed of.

Intrusion in the Personal Space

Many patients feel uncomfortable with strangers entering their personal space. They may also feel uneasy if the equipment is inserted into their mouth or if their mouth is blocked.

The Side Effects of Sedation Dentistry

Everyone has witnessed anesthesia’s negative effects in amusing online videos. The patient may experience nausea, numbness, and dizziness after the treatment. However, these adverse effects usually fade immediately after the consultation, so the patient should not be concerned.

The Feeling of Losing Grip on Control

While seated on the dentist’s chair, some patients often feel helpless. They frequently have to lean back with their mouths open since they can’t see what’s going on and have little control over the situation. This can lead to a lot of dental phobias. Fortunately, speaking with a dentist ahead of time can help alleviate some of this anxiety. So that there are no surprises, the doctor can explain the procedures and answer all of the patient’s questions ahead of time.

The Phobia of Injections

Some people are scared of needles, especially if they are injected into their mouth by a dentist. Others are concerned that the anesthetic may not work and that the procedure would be extremely unpleasant.

Final Words

Does the prospect of a dentist appointment make you nervous or cause you to lose sleep? You are not alone if you are worried about your dental appointment. However, by asking your dentist as many questions as possible and going to the dentist with a friend or family member, you can manage your dental anxiety. To alleviate any anxiety, find a knowledgeable dentist you can trust and explain the dental therapy in detail before the procedure.

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