Conscious Sedation Dentistry

If you want to achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, you have to go the dentist. Even though going to the dentist is essential, it can also be scary and stressful. Luckily, now you can kick dental anxiety to the curb and get the best smile of your life with conscious sedation dentistry. Keep reading to learn all about this amazing type of dentistry!

Experience Conscious Sedation Dentistry – Dr. Claudio Miro

Conscious sedation takes away dental anxiety and helps you relax. Furthermore, it can be used for everything from simple tooth cleanings to invasive procedures.

How conscious sedation is different:

  • You’ll be awake, but relaxed for your visit.
  • You get to enjoy pain-free dental care.
  • It helps dental anxiety become a thing of the past.
Sedate Your Dental Phobia – Dr. Claudio Miro

If you experience anxiety at the dentist, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people throughout the world suffer from dental anxiety. However, now, thanks to conscious sedation, it no longer needs to get in the way of your oral health.

Facts about dental anxiety:

  • 75% of U.S. adults suffer from dental anxiety.
  • 5-10% of use adults have a dental phobia.
  • 30 - 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear.

Say goodbye to your dental anxiety and hello to pain-free relaxation with conscious sedation dentistry!

Conscious sedation dentistry utilizes sedation medicines to block pain and aid relaxation while your dentist carries out your dental treatment. However, one of the biggest perks of conscious sedation is that, as opposed to other types of sedation, you are still awake an able to respond to any and all questions. Furthermore, you also have the option to choose how much sedation you want: minimal, moderate, or deep. Learn even more benefits of conscious sedation in the tabs below.

The first benefit of conscious sedation dentistry is that is makes appointments quick and painless. When you’re sedated, dental procedures feel like they last for only a couple of minutes, even if they really take hours. As a result, complex dental procedures that typically require multiple visits can get completed in fewer appointments.

The next benefit of conscious sedation dentistry is that it helps you maintain great oral health since your anxiety, fear, low-pain tolerance, or hatred of the dentist will no longer get in the way. With this type of dentistry, you will be able to go to all of your necessary dental appointment with the utmost ease.

Another benefit of conscious sedation dentistry is that, despite being sedated, you are still awake and able to respond. As opposed to other sedation techniques that put you to sleep, you’re merely in an extremely relaxed state throughout your appointment with conscious sedation.

Minimal Sedation

With light or minimal sedation, you are relaxed while remaining alert and awake.

Moderate Sedation

With moderate sedation, you remain conscious during the procedure, but you probably won’t remember much about it.

Deep Sedation

With deep sedation, you are on the edge of consciousness but can still be awakened.

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