Dental Crowns

Porcelain and ceramic are commonly used materials in the dentistry world because they can be sculpted and shaded to replicate the look of natural teeth. These materials are also widely used because of their strength and resilience. When a patient needs to recreate the form, as well as the function of a natural tooth, porcelain or ceramic can be used to replace the external portion of the tooth, without losing the natural look of a smile.

What are the Steps to getting a Crown? – Dr. Claudio Miro

Are you curious about what to expect from the crown placement procedure?

Treatment stages:

  • The first steps involve preparing the tooth and the crown. To make the crown, the dentist needs impressions of the tooth and the tooth also needs to be reshaped so that the crown fits over the tooth. Impressions of the other teeth will also be made so that the crown is designed and shaped perfectly to fit in your mouth.
  • Once the crown is made and approved by the dentist the placement process begins. The temporary crown is remove and local anesthesia is administered to the area. Then the crown will be cemented permanently in place.
Why Do I Need a Crown? – Dr. Claudio Miro

Porcelain crowns or ceramic crowns could be great options for you, if you are looking to restore the external functionality and look of your tooth.

Treatment stages:

  • Protect a weak tooth in the case that it has been affected by decay. If a cavity spreads to a large portion of the inside of the tooth, the tooth structure can become weak and to prevent further damage a crown can be used to reinforce the tooth.
  • Restore a tooth that is severely worn down or even potentially broken. If you haven’t lost the tooth, but it has suffered damage, a crown can again be used to reinforce the structure of the tooth and prevent you from losing the tooth altogether.
  • Beautify your teeth. There are many cosmetic reasons, ranging from misshapen teeth to discolored teeth that crowns can fix because of its natural appearance. It is also used in the case that you have replaced your tooth with a dental implant and need a cover for the top portion.

Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that are used to cement onto existing teeth or on dental implants. Crowns can be thought of as a “cap” for a tooth or dental implant. They can be long lasting methods to beautify or protect your smile if properly cared for.

With proper care a crown can last a lifetime. The materials used in a crown are designed to last many years and as long as you practice healthy habits the crown can be preserved. However, the life span of a crown is also related to the amount of wear and tear that a crown is exposed to.

A tooth that has a crown does not require any additional special care, but it does require a good oral hygiene routine. A tooth with a crown is still susceptible to decay or gum disease, so it is important to continue to practice good oral health practices. Brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwash are all good steps in establishing an oral health routine.

Dental crowns are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They can protect a damaged tooth from further damage and possible extraction. They can restore a tooth and its strength if it has been affected by tooth decay. And a dental crown can also be used for cosmetic reason to beautify your smile while retaining that natural tooth look.

Avoid Damage to a New Crown

By avoiding hard foods or substances, like ice, nuts or other hard objects. Once the crown has set you can go back to enjoying mouth-healthy harder substances.

Don’t Forget About Your Gum Health

For a successful crown, it is important that your overall mouth health is optimal. Making sure that your gums are healthy will prevent bacteria and other harmful substances from building and potentially damaging the dental crown.

Practice Good Oral Health

To preserve your teeth and your dental crowns. Flossing daily, brushing twice daily and getting your biannual cleaning at Miro Dental Centers, are all part of a great oral health routine.

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