Root Canal Therapy

A tooth’s exterior consists of enamel protecting the pulp chamber where the pulp and roots of a tooth lie. Sometimes when tooth decay is allowed to spread, it affects the inner chamber can potentially cause the root of the tooth to become infected. This is when Root Canal Therapy may be required.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal? – Dr. Claudio Miro

If you suspect that the pulp of your tooth is infected, why would you need a root canal?

Treatment stages:

  • If you are feeling the pressure and sensitivity from an infected pulp, getting a root canal will help relieve that pain by cleaning the infected roots and nerves.
  • If you do not act on a decaying tooth and allow the bacteria to continue to spread, it may be necessary to extract the tooth or the tooth may fall out on its own. By having a root canal, you could save your natural tooth.
  • To achieve optimal dental health, you want to ensure that your teeth are free from bacteria and decay so that it does not spread to other teeth.
How Do I Know I Need a Root Canal? – Dr. Claudio Miro

You may be wondering if your tooth requires a root canal, so keep reading to find out some common symptoms of an infected pulp!

Treatment stages:

  • If your pulp is infected, your pulp chamber is probably under a substantial amount of pressure because of swelling that could occur in the root. This may cause you a large amount of tooth pain, and depending on where it is, can even cause pain in the surround areas of your mouth.
  • You may also experience a sensitivity to hot, cold or even sweet substances. Because of the inflammation of the pulp, the roots and nerves may be more sensitive due to the increased amount of pressure.
  • If you have recently had a trauma to the tooth and you believe your tooth may be cracked or broken, you may also need to have a root canal because the root might have been damaged in the trauma.

What is the Procedure of a Root Canal?

Initially, determining that your pulp is infected and that you need a root canal is the first step. Once we have performed x-rays and have confirmed that the bacteria have spread to the pulp chamber, the root canal therapy can begin. Keep reading to find out the specific steps in the procedure!

Local anesthesia is used in the area of the infected tooth when performing a root canal, but depending on your individual needs, Miro Dental Centers does offer sedation dentistry for patients that have more anxiety about dental procedures.

An opening is made into the tooth and the dentist will go into the pulp chamber during this step. The entire diseased pulp tissue will be complete removed from the crown and root of the tooth. After the pulp is removed, we ensure that all the roots of the tooth are cleansed and rinsed of bacteria and infection.

Once the roots have all been purged of the infection, all the canals of the root are filled. A material, known as gutta-percha, is used in this process and this ensures that the canals remain free of infection and contamination. After the roots are filled, a temporary filling is placed and then later either a crown or permanent filling completes this procedure.

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

This will depend on how much the decay had spread in the tooth and a variety of other unique patient needs. To find out if you need a crown after a root canal, call one of our four locations for an appointment.

What Happens After a Root Canal?

The area surrounding the tooth may be sensitive, so it is recommended that you avoid chewing on hard foods for a couple days, or until the sensitivity disappears. Keeping up with your oral health routine is also an important part of ensuring that no other teeth become infected.

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