5 Common Reasons for Teeth Whitening in Miami

Teeth Whitening in Miami | Why Did My Teeth Change Color?

April 26, 2017
Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is important. In fact, 99.7% adults believe that a great smile is an important social asset. As a result, if your smile is not as white and bright as you want it to be, you should consider undergoing teeth whitening in Miami. But why did your teeth even change color and require you to get teeth whitening in the first place? Keep reading to learn about the most common reasons for tooth discoloration.

5 Common Reasons for Teeth Whitening in Miami

Food and Drinks: Some major teeth staining culprits include red wine, tea, and coffee. The chromogens, or color pigments, in these drinks attach to your tooth enamel, which is the white part of your teeth.

Tobacco Use: Tobacco is another major cause for teeth whitening in Miami. This is due to the two teeth staining chemicals that are found in tobacco products: tar, which naturally darkens your smile, and nicotine, which gives your teeth a yellowish tint.

Trauma: Any impact to your mouth may cause your teeth to chance color. This is because your teeth react to injuries by laying down more dentin, which is the darker yellowish layer under your enamel.

Age: As enamel gets thinner as your age, your dentin, which is more yellow, shows through.

Medications: Some types of medications, such as antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure medications, are known to darken teeth.

If your teeth have become discolored due to any of the reasons above, it’s time to brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Miami. Contact our experienced cosmetic dentists at Miro Dental Centers today to learn more!