Orthodontist in Miami

Orthodontist in Miami | Do I Need Orthodontics?

June 9, 2017
Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to being unhappy with your teeth and/or your smile, there are a variety of ways to solve the problem. One way in particular is through the use of orthodontics. Orthodontics is an area of dentistry that aims to correct dental irregularities to improve one’s smile. So what makes the perfect candidate for orthodontic treatments? If you’re wondering if you need an orthodontist in Miami, we have the answer for you! 

Reasons You Might Need an Orthodontist in Miami

  • Crowding, where your tooth size and jaw size do not match, which causes your teeth to be misaligned.
  • Spacing, where your teeth have gaps/spaces between them.
  • Overbite, where your top teeth are too far forward and overlap your bottom teeth.
  • Underbite, where your bottom teeth are too far forward or your upper teeth are too far back.
  • Crossbite, where your teeth come down abnormally when you bite.
  • Open bite, where you have space between your teeth when you bite.

Need an Orthodontist in Miami

Orthodontics is a guaranteed way to improve your smile. It’s a solution that has helped millions of people gain more confidence in their everyday lives. And although four million Americans have braces, there are plenty of other options as well. There are options for children, options for teens and options for adults. At Miro Dental, we educate our patients about all of our orthodontic treatment options to help them make the right decision. So if you need an orthodontist in Miami, give us a call today and we’ll find the perfect solution for you!