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Emergency Dentist in Miami | Knocked-Out Tooth Tips

December 21, 2016
Emergency Dentistry

Accidents happen. Knowing what to do when a dental emergency occurs can be the difference between losing and saving a tooth. One common dental emergency is knocking out an adult tooth. If you don’t know how to handle a knocked-out tooth, don’t worry. Our emergency dentist in Miami has some tips for you. Keep reading to find out what to do if you accidentally knock out a tooth.

What to Do If You Knock Out a Tooth

If you’ve knocked-out a permanent or adult tooth, help save your smile by following the below steps:

Step 1: Retrieve the tooth, hold it by the crown (the part that is exposed in the mouth), and rinse it with water to remove any dirt.

Step 2: Try not to remove any gum tissue that might be attached to the tooth.

Step 3: If possible, try to reinsert the tooth back into the socket without touching the root, but don’t force it. If it can’t be reinserted, keep the tooth either in a cup of milk or in between your cheek and gums.

Don’t Forget to Visit Your Emergency Dentist in Miami ASAP

Knocked out teeth have the best chances of being saved if you visit a dentist within 1 hour of it being knocked out. That’s why it’s essential to visit your emergency dentist in Miami as soon as possible. If you’re facing a dental emergency, contact us.  Our team of qualified emergency dentists use advanced technology and highest quality of dental care to save your smile. Call Miro Dental Center today to learn more!