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Dentist in Pembroke Pines | Early Childhood Dental Issues

February 23, 2017
Pediatric Dentistry

Believe it or not but you don’t have to wait for adult teeth to have oral health problems. Various dental issues can emerge before baby teeth even grow in. As a parent, it’s important that you recognize common early childhood dental issues so that you can help your child avoid them. Keep reading to learn about some common mouth and teeth concerns for young kids that might require a visit to a dentist in Hollywood.

3 Early Childhood Dental Issues

Issue #1: Thumb Sucking

While it’s normal and acceptable for young infants to suck their thumb and fingers, dental problems may arise if it continues after age 5. Some of these problems can include misaligned teeth and overbite.

Issue #2: Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Your child has the potential to experience tooth decay from their baby bottle. This results from their teeth being exposed to often to sugars from drinks such as formula, milk, and juice. Decayed baby teeth can lead to dental problems later in your child’s life.

Issue #3: Tooth Loss

Baby teeth may be lost early due to a variety issues, such as decay, injury, or inadequate jaw space. This tooth loss can cause other teeth to shift or permanent teeth to grow in at an angle.

Take Your Child to Our Dentist in Hollywood Today!

If your child is experiencing any dental issues, it’s important to take them to our dentist in Hollywood as soon as possible. Here at Miro Dental Center, our experienced and friendly dental staff can help you, your child, and your entire family achieve optimal oral health. Schedule an appointment with us today!