Dental Imaging: 3D and Digital X-ray

April 3, 2019

At Miro Dental Centers, we are delighted to use proven, cutting-edge technology, including  innovative 3D and digital panoramic X-ray imaging.  Using these imaging technologies allow our dental team members to quickly and easily view superior, detailed images of your teeth and gums.  Viewing an accurate and panoramic picture of your oral health helps us diagnose potential dental concerns earlier so that we can provide optimal treatment before concerns become major dental problems.  In addition, these X-rays help us provide preventative oral care for both intraoral (teeth, gums, tooth roots inside the mouth) and extraoral (outside) including the jaw and skull. 

Here are a few of the reasons why we use panoramic X-rays and 3D scans:

Comfortable Process

It’s easier for our patients!  This type of imaging is much more comfortable for patients compared to  traditional bitewing series in which dental staff would set up a sensor, place it in the patient’s mouth, set up the machine, and repeat several times. 

Faster Imaging

Digital panoramic imaging is also faster for our dental staff to set up.  With great resolution and wider coverage, we are more capable of diagnosing dental concerns earlier.  And, the images can be viewed instantly.  Since they are digital images, we can zoom in and zoom out to take a closer look at any area of concern.

Lower Radiation

Digital X-rays reduce radiation by 40% or more compared with traditional imaging techniques.  When we are imaging children, we can reduce the amount of radiation by an additional 30%.  Keep in mind that even the traditional X-ray technologies use very little radiation – less than the natural radiation people receive each day.

Focus on Teeth

Traditional imaging techniques require disinfecting of equipment, changing gloves, and other important cleaning procedures with each patient.  Our new digital imaging technology doesn’t rely on reuse, so we can focus more time on your teeth and less on cleaning.

Better Diagnostics and Prevention

Both 3D scans and digital panoramic imaging allow our dentists to see different views (and 3-dimensions in the case of 3D scans.)  This type of imaging allows us to diagnose oral health abnormalities very early in the process so that we can prevent dental problems.  Once your digital X-ray or 3D imaging is completed, our dental staff will discuss what they’ve found and provide recommendations for further treatment if needed.

To learn more about our digital imaging technology, follow this link.

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