Cosmetic dentistry can dramatically change lives. Are you ready for a change?

July 9, 2018
Cosmetic Dentistry

At Miro Dental Center, we have the privilege of helping make those changes for individuals throughout South Florida.  Our compassionate dental staff utilize the most advanced dental technology to create excellent aesthetic results.

The results of a new smile become the basis of a positive self-image and a newfound confidence.  The transformation can mean a new world of opportunities for you both professionally and socially.  After treatment, many patients feel a new level of confidence and they look and feel younger.  After running away from the camera for years, our patients are thrilled to post selfies.

Whether you need minor cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening to fix surface stains or porcelain veneers to replace chipped or cracked teeth, we are passionate about giving you a beautiful smile that you’ll love.  Click here to learn more about veneers.  We ensure that the dental treatments we provide result not only in a beautiful smile, but also improved oral health, dental function, and teeth alignment.

At Miro Dental Center, we fix dental restorations, especially the older metal-based fillings, to remove lines and unsightly crowns, replacing them with porcelain crowns that match your natural teeth.  We can recontour tooth enamel to hide small chips in teeth.  We even have the ability to recontour your teeth, so they appear longer and more attractive.  Miro Dental Center fills cavities with porcelain fillings to match or blend with your natural teeth.  We also provide complete orthodontic treatment to properly align your teeth and fix bit or jaw abnormalities.

If you are missing teeth or have had gum disease, we use the most progressive technology to safely and effectively treat your teeth.  More advanced cosmetic dental services may include smile makeovers, dental implants to replace missing teeth or restore gum tissue, gum recontouring, dental bonding, and restorative dentistry to bring your teeth back to the healthiest they can be.  To learn more about restorative dentistry, periodontal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and our general dentistry services, check out our drop-down menu called “services” here.


Miro Dental Centers

Dr. Claudio Miro and associates have been treating patients in the greater Miami area for over 30 years. As a team, we believe that the patient is of upmost importance at every level.   We take pride in the care we provide to our patients at Miro Dental Centers. We take the time to make sure our patients are fully informed and are given all treatment options.  Our goal is to the provide our patients with optimal oral health by using state of the art technology.

With the dental field rapidly advancing, we are always looking for new and innovative treatments to serve our patients. We provide all types of services, including dental cleaningsorthodontics, endodontics, periodonticsoral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

If you have questions about your dental health or would like to schedule an appointment at our offices in Coral GablesKendallHialeah, or Hollywood, please contact us today at 305-442-7444.