What Needs To Be Done For Improving Dental Health After Oral Surgery?

January 28, 2022
Oral Health

Some dental defects or diseases require oral surgery. You may feel uncomfortable for a few days after the completion of oral surgery. Some of the common problems a person faces after this surgery by a Kendall dentist include pain in teeth or jawbones, bleeding of the teeth, swollen gums, etc. The more you rest, the sooner your wounds and pain start healing. An infection-free environment in the mouth is necessary for speedy recovery after oral surgery. This blog will take an in-depth look into the tips to keep after undergoing oral surgery by a dentist in Kendall.

Avoid Rinsing Mouth For A Day

Avoid rinsing your mouth for 24 hours after oral surgery. After 24 hours, add half a teaspoon of common salt to lukewarm water. Stir it with lukewarm water. Move your head slowly after pouring little water into the mouth so that the water spreads around your mouth. Do this repeatedly, a few times a day. Avoid brushing for a week for those who have undergone root canal treatment or gum graft. Moreover, it would be best to stop drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating stored food. 

Do Not Give More Pressure While Opening The Mouth

Movement of the mouth, including opening and closing it can be stiff and painful for a week. Since the oral surgery by dentist Kendall involves the need to keep the mouth open for extended hours, your jawbones may become stiff and unpleasant. Try to gently massage the face and the areas around the jawbones by using a moist cloth. It provides you some relief. 

Avoid Chewing on Gauze Pad

Your Kendall dentist may cover the area where the oral surgery was performed using a gauze pad. You might feel as if excess bleeding is taking place. The main reason is because of the saliva getting mixed with the blood. Proper rest is necessary by keeping your head raised after the oral surgery to prevent excess bleeding. Do not prefer to eat hard and chewy food whenever a gauze pad is placed.

The wounded area may lead to swelling, which may last for up to a week. However, it depends a lot on the extent of surgery. Due to the unusual facial appearance due to swelling, people try to apply heat, thinking it will reduce it. But it increases blood flow leading to more swelling. The best way is to apply a cold massage using ice cubes wrapped within a piece of cloth or towel for 10 minutes. It thus helps in reducing the swelling. Try to repeat the same procedure every hour. Check with the best dentist in Kendall for oral surgery or any dental defects.